Atún rojo salvaje de almadraba

Almadraba Wild Red Tuna

Our almadraba wild tuna (Thunnus Thynnus) comes from the almadrabas off the coast of Cadiz. It is a selective, fixed, sustainable and environment-friendly fishing method. The catch depends on climatological factors such as tides, winds, cleanliness and transparency of the waters, etc,… It is carried out during the months of April and May, taking advantage of their migration process to the Mediterranean Sea and coinciding with the moment they offer their optimal quality for consumption. Our tunas aren’t artificially fattened in fattening farms.

Almadraba Salted and Preserved Fish

All our salted and preserved fish products are elaborated with wild fish from the almadrabas of the coast of Cadiz.

Atún Rojo alvaje venta

Wild Red Tuna

Wild red tuna from the almadrabas of the coast of Cadiz, direct sale all over Spain. Fresh in season and deep-frozen at -60º all year long.

Hueva seca de Atún almadraba

Almadraba Salted Fish

Selection of the best salted almadraba wild red tuna, direct sale all over Spain.

Conservas de atún

Almadraba Preserves

Selection of the best almadraba wild red tuna preserved products, direct sale all over Spain.


Direct sale all over Spain

Almadraba Wild Red Tuna, salted and preserved products. Order online or if you need assistance, call us at +34 956 435 839We will be pleased to help you.


More than 30 years of experience selling almadraba wild red tuna in the domestic and Japanese market, which is the most demanding market regarding product quality.

What is the almadraba

The almadraba is a fishing method of more than 3.000 years old that is being used off Cadiz coastal line, learn more…

Eating Wild Red Tuna

Almadraba wild tuna is a high nutritional food rich in proteins, learn more…

Red Tuna “Ronqueo”

“Ronqueo” is the tuna quartering process. 24 pieces are extracted in total, it is used practically to the 100%, learn more…